How To Eat A Lobster


Hard-shell lobsters are much meatier than soft-shell. To determine whether a lobster is hard-shell or soft-shell, squeeze the side of the lobster's body (see Illustration #1); a soft-shell lobster will yield to pressure while a hard-shell will be hard, brittle, and tightly packed.

1. Twist the tail to separate it from the body.


2. Twist off the tail flippers.

3. Use a fork or your finger to push the tail meat up and out through the wide end of the tail. Pull the tail meat out the other end.

4. Twist a claw appendage off the body.

5. Twist the claw from the connecting joint.

6. Remove the pincher portion of the claw. If you use a gentle motion, the meat will often stay attached to the rest of the claw; otherwise, you'll need a cocktail fork to pick out the meat from the shell.

7. If the lobster is a soft-shell, use your hands to break open the claw and remove the meat.

8. If the lobster is a hard-shell, use lobster crackers to break open the claw and remove the meat.

9. Crack open the connecting joint and remove the meat with a cocktail fork. Repeat steps 5 through 9 with the remaining claw.